Adam Willoughby

Adam was a professional Muay Thai fighter for over 15 years, living and competing in Thailand. He has gained the knowledge from first hand experience and now passes this on, specializing in fat loss, body shaping and boxing. He leads by example with his ethos of training smart, including proper rest, sound nutrition, stress management and goal setting all playing an equal role for people to achieve the health and body they desire.

Simple health tip: Drink water and lots of it!!

He loves the atmosphere at Work it and the willingness for the people within the community to challenge themselves.


Ben Wood

Ben served in the Royal Marines, as well as competing as a thai boxer for over 10 years. Throughout this time he learnt a lot about sports conditioning and psychology which has helped his own training/ lifestyle as well as his clients. After hanging up his gloves, he has found a new passion for running, where he competes at ultra distances. He is also doing a sports science degree to further his knowledge in the field.

Simple health tip: Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.

He appreciates Work it’s holistic approach to health and fitness. He says everyone is welcome and genuinely believes the team can make a positive change in your life.


Charlie Enstone-Watts

Charlie (Work it co-founder) was once a professional MMA fighter competing on Cage Warriors, Europe’s largest promotion. Now retired, he enjoys competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where he has his purple belt under Jude Samuel. He is an advocate of good nutrition and has recently studied with the BTN academy and the college of naturopathic medicine.

Simple health tip: People spend a lot of time using thier brain but never schedule any off time. Start your day with a 5-minute meditation to experience all kinds of health benefits!

He believes all the trainers at Work it make him a better person. They are committed to personal development and bettering their health and well-being and it encourages him to continuously raise his own standards. This creates an atmosphere where any client, trainer and member of the community can thrive!


Matt Ryan-Gill

Matt is committed to a path of self improvement, to live life to the fullest and create a physically capable body to experience it with. He strongly believe’s this is the right of every man/woman. He’s here to share what he know’s to help you do the same.

Simple health tip: There’s no better supplement than a good nights sleep! Early to bed and early to rise.

The Work it team is a welcoming environment, one where ego’s are left at the door and passions for self improvement, sharing and being the best version of yourself are embraced!


Rami Lakkis

Rami has a background in semi professional thai boxing. Having competed in a combat sport, he feels this has engrained a strong work ethic and passion for bettering his health and fitness. After years of training and dedicating his own life to training, he now wants to give back and have a positive impact on other people’s lifestyle.

Simple health tip: Consume nutrients in abundance for optimal health!

He feels that Work it is a family and not just a team.


Russell Lee

Russ has been working for the past 5 years on several large-scale productions in the film, television and modelling industry. Developing custom training and nutrition programmes with body composition statistics for leading actors in Les Miserables, Unbroken, In the Heart of the Sea, Snow White and the Huntsman and the upcoming Assassins Creed. Pretty damn cool!
He has represented Middlesex in Cricket as well as played semi-professional rugby for 6 years where he developed a keen interest in all aspects of health, wellbeing and fitness. He is continuously improving his knowledge of training and nutrition techniques to ensure the highest quality of service to his clients.

Daniel Morgan

Daniel is an energetic and knowledgeable personal trainer with almost a decade of experience. He started his wellbeing journey very young, as his mother is a nutritionist who has helped people with specific dietary problems and health issues. He understands that food has medicinal purposes as well as being a source of fuel. Get involved with one of his fun, motivational and challenging sessions, all fitness levels are welcome!

Simple health tip: “let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

The thing he love’s most about being part of the Work it team is the great selection of high quality trainers, all specializing in different fields.


Josh Jefferies

Josh has a simple approach to health and fitness, he focuses on functional movement and strength training. He works as a physical performance capture artist for video games and film, with a focus on animal and military movements. This requires a great understanding of how your body truly needs to move. He is a keen martial artist and leads a very healthy lifestyle. He will put you through your paces and make you smile throughout the whole session.

Simple health tip: Be strict. Not restricted.

Josh loves the Work it studios, the knowledge and the people.