Fight clean, Train mean!

Boxing is an amazing fully body workout that challenges the body and mind in equal measure. The late boxing champion Muhammad Ali represents this sport in all its glory and his resilience, energy and legacy is something to be admired.

BOXING WORK is our most popular class at Work It.  Classes are buzzing and we enjoy teaching everyone.  Our Charity Boxing Event was a real success and we’re eager to keep the momentum going strong.

in London, Britain December 18, 2015. Photograph by Suzanne Plunkett (

We always want to create the best experience for our members.  Keeping the gloves and pads clean is always an issue for any gym.  Machine washing would destroy equipment and there is no other effective way to keep them clean.  Every pro boxer has their own gloves, like a runner has their own trainers or a tennis player with their racket.  We recommend buying a pair if you’re serious or are a regular BOXING WORK champ!

Work It London Boxing

We will be supplying new pads and gloves to keep them clean and smelling fresh for everyone.  From July, it will be mandatory to wear hand wraps.  Every boxer should wear hand wraps, to protect the wrist and knuckles. Hand wraps are also important for hygiene reasons.

Our wraps will be a simple inner glove you can slip on and off with ease.  They will be on sale for £5.

We’re looking forward to turning you guys into pro fighters.

Fight clean, Train mean!