Healthy Hangouts – Cook Daily and Home

Cooked Daily and Home are opening up our taste buds up to the beautiful world of Asian – Carribean inspired vegan food. These guys are located in Boxpark, Shoreditch sitting in a shipping container splayed with graffiti – an old school arcade décor.

King Cook 5 copy

We went down for a post-workout munch and tried the Coco Ginger bowl with vegan prawns…that taste better than the real thing – no animals harmed in the process. Paired with some fresh coconut water this combination was the perfect feel good food on a Friday afternoon.

King Cook 9 copy

Their veggies are hearty and infused in sweet soy, ginger & coconut nectar. The okra literally melts in your mouth and the rice is fluffy and satisfying.

Yoga Fire

No blood no bones – the atmosphere is genuine, inviting and our best London experience of ethical eating.

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