Healthy Hangouts – Ethos

The Ethos vision is one that resonates with our own, we too are passionate about bringing creative solutions to the health and fitness industry. Everyday you make conscious decisions that have a negative or positive impact on your wellbeing so you should make health a habit…

Ethos 9

Tucked away behind Oxford Street, is this wonderful contemporary earthy restaurant serving up a buffet-style variety of meat-free deliciousness.


If you are a fan of big healthy servings of guacamole, rich veggie bakes and fresh crispy greenness – this is the spot for you.Everything is priced on weight, a small dish costing around £9 and a large just under £20.

Ethos 8

We came here to get an all-natural plant based post-workout munch after an intense HIIT session. We had the guacamole and beetroot dip, chickpea curry, roasted chili aubergine, cauliflower walnut cranberry salad with a side of crispy kale and orange zest (heaven).

Ethos 4

It tasted amazing and left us feeling energized for the rest of the day. The interior is stunning and cosy – this will definitely be one of our regular hangouts.