Healthy Hangouts – Wholefoods Market

Whole Foods Market in Piccadilly is an organic eco-minded haven that has the perfect on-the-go lunch options for keeping your diet in check.

Wholefoods Piccadilly 2

We usually go there for a quick lunch or to top up on our nut butters! The store is bursting with fresh fruit, groceries and delicious bites for lunch. We went with a salmon, quinoa & broccoli meal with a side of watermelon. Quinoa is a great source of protein as it has all the essential amino acids. Watermelon is a beautiful super fruit that is rich in lycopene and therefore great for your cardiovascular system. This dish is great for getting your omega up & giving you a good kick of goodness.

Wholefoods Piccadilly 3

We love it here because it makes eating a balanced diet accessible and delicious. Eating clean doesn’t mean restricting yourself from flavour and fun. It just means moderation, consideration and loving your body the way it should be loved!

Wholefoods Piccadilly

Try it out for yourself!

Written by Danielle Bowman.