Holiday Fit

Holiday season is upon us and after the hard work, long days and sleepless nights, it is imperative you use your break to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate, as well as spending some much needed quality time with your loved ones. These are our top tips on how to stay holiday fit!

A heavy workload can have a negative effect on your health. Resulting in increased stress, paying less attention to what you’re eating and drinking and fewer hours in the sack. Whilst you’re away, the first thing I would address is the quality of your sleep. Not getting enough z’s often seems harmless and efficient. Curbing sleep is not the solution. Consistent under sleeping will cause all sorts of hormonal imbalances, resulting in poor energy levels in the morning and throughout the day, mood swings and depressive bouts, low immune system, fatigue and problems maintaining and losing weight. Implement a new sleeping routine when you’re back at work for a better quality of life!

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Being on holiday may seem like a good excuse to eat and drink what you like, whenever you like, but don’t fall accustom to this. I’m not telling you to be extremely strict, keep a food diary and not have any cheats at all, but optimising health and feeling great should be paramount. Consume nutrients in abundance, fill your plate with leafy green vegetables and fulfil your daily vitamin and mineral quota. As a general rule, your plate should have a fist size of protein and plenty of vegetables. Due to inactivity, your carbohydrate requirements won’t be as high and if you’re feeling short of energy, try having some good fats for breakie. As tempting as the gelato or vino may look, if consumed daily and with every meal, it will only make you feel sluggish, bloated and will mean you will have to work harder in the gym when you’re back. Instead, opt for desert or alcohol once a day or once every other day, to stay lean, clear headed, and feeling awesome.


You will not ‘lose gains’, lose strength or fitness and turn into a fat pile of lard if you don’t train whilst you’re away. But if I were you, I’d spend at least 30-60 minutes training once a day or every other day. If you’re staying on a resort, check their wellness schedule, which will make exercising and being active a whole lot easier. If there is no gym whatsoever, try my full body HIIT session. Exercising is a critical component to feeling healthy and energised, maintaining weight and keeping disease at bay. If you don’t currently follow an exercise routine, this is a great time to start!

Have a great time away guys, wherever you go, try and implement the tips above and have a safe journey!

Waste no time when you’re back, get straight back to the gym and pick up where you left off. See you at a HIIT class soon.

Written by Charlie Watts.