How to Wrap


You may have seen people wrapping a strange bandage around their wrist and knuckles before a boxing class and wonder, what are they doing?  Are they a pro fighter? Wrapping hands in Boxing is a must.  Pro fighters essentially make a living from their hands so they have to be protected. Whether you are a pro fighter, or seasoned class goer, wrapping hands is equally as important.

The hand is made of many tiny bones and joints.  Punching with loose hands or with improper accuracy can easily cause injuries.  A hand wrap provides support for fingers, thumb, knuckles and wrists, while securing everything together so the shock of hitting is evenly distributed. It is also more hygienic if you don’t have your own gloves!

There are many ways to wrap hands, it is merely down to preference but here is a guide to help!

Step 1 : Put the loop on the thumb and wrap a few times around the wrist

Step 2 : Individually wrap the thumb

Step 3 : Individually wrap the knuckles

Step 4 : Go over the individual knuckle wraps, and make sure they are secured in place

Step 5 : Use the rest of the wrap on whatever needs it most, the knuckles, wrist or thumb

Step 6 : Secure with velcro and you are good to go!

Hand wrapping tips:

  • Circulation : If you cant feel your hand after 5-10 mins or if your fingers go red or numb you know you’ve gone too tight.
  • Flexibility : You need to be able to open your hand and also make a fist.
  • Knuckles or wrist?  Some people like to wrap more around the knuckles, some more around the wrist.  Do what feels good for you.
  • Rituals : Use it as a class ritual.  It’s a great way to get your mind on the class and Boxing.

Now your hands are wrapped and you’re feeling more like a pro…Join a class and dont forget to try our workout of the month