Lunch and Learn

We will be doing a lunch and learn as part of the Henry Wood House Wellness week. Here at Work it, we all stick to a healthy and well balanced diet. This is paramount to staying in good aesthetic shape and most importantly; it means we can perform optimally, both physically and mentally.

Work It’s very own Russ will be sharing some tips on how to stay on top of your nutrition, especially if you’re a time-scarce individual.

Come and join him in the HWH lounge, for a relaxed chat about nutrition, health and some strategies to implement into your lifestyle to help improve the way you look and feel!

Alongside this, we will also have Kylie on hand giving some massages and antidotes for sitting at your desk all day. Sitting down for extended periods of time can lead to bad posture, tight hamstrings and lower back problems (amongst other things). Kylie will be helping relieve any pain or discomfort as well as prescribing some quick fixes to help them stop reoccurring.

Join us for this free event on Tuesday 15thth March in the Henry Wood House lounge at noon.