Meet Ben – a strong addition that helps our mission.

Ben started training as a teenager after watching too many Chinese martial arts films, and took up tae kwon do.

His instructor was an ex-marine and Ben soon discovered he loved pushing himself to the limit. With this in mind, he joined the Royal Marines at the age of 19, and earned his green beret at the Royal Marines training centre at Lympstone, Devon (many a fond memory).

He served for five years and left in 2003. Got to see a bit of the world, found he excelled at running and was a rubbish drinker.

Leaving the marines he re-located from his native city of Brizzle (Bristol) to London to train to be a personal trainer, marry a film star and earn his millions.

He was introduced to boxing in the marines and was keen to take it up again in London. A friend of his invited him to a Thai-boxing (Muay Thai) gym, and after his first session he was bruised, battered, shattered and hooked!

He trained most days and after a year had his first ‘pro’ fight (Just to see if he had the guts). He went on to have another nineteen professional fights both in England, Australia and Thailand. Fighting has been quite a voyage of self discovery, and he feels he is definitely a better and wiser person for it.

Ben has now stopped competitive fighting and is concentrating on ‘Working It’. He will be teaching classes and personal training at our Old Street studio. He is also completing a degree in ‘exercise and sports science’.

Come down and meet him in person, and/ or feel free to contact him directly.

Instagram: @benwoodfitness
Twitter: @benmwood3