Healthy Hangouts – Redemption Bar

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Summer is fast-approaching and everyone is putting the gym hours in but no matter how hard you train you cannot out train a bad diet or habits. This month we checked out Redemption Bar Shoreditch a cozy Alcohol-free bar serving vegan, sugar / gluten – free food that lets you ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’.

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This whole concept of guilt-free dining is on the rise in London so all of us health-conscious foodies can actually claim back our social lives. We aren’t trying to convert anybody to veganism but the facts don’t lie – a diet containing less meat is not only good for your health, but could help save the planet!

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So, we ate ourselves closer to this ecological dream by tucking into their ‘Californication’ dish, a really hearty bowl of sweet potato and rosemary hash, mushrooms and handfuls of spinach. To get the full redemptive experience we tried out their ‘Flu Fighter’ cocktail – a fiery mix of ginger, chilli, aloe vera, coconut water, orange, lemon, apple & elderflower. It’s great to be able to buy food that isn’t going to give us a stomach full of regret but rather fill us up with nutritional goodness. The entire lunch came to around £15 and it was money well spent considering the health benefits.