Removing digital distraction- week 1.

So I decided to go ‘dry for January’, and I’m not talking about alcohol, as I don’t drink. I will be doing a digital detox. This doesn’t mean I’m going to lock all of my electronic devices away until Feb, but it does mean I’ve been abiding by some rules. They are as follows:

  • NO social media whatsoever (however, as I’m in the fitness industry and have a fitness brand, @stefanoboski has been managing my accounts)
  • No T.V
  • No youtube videos
  • No Netflix or anything of that sort
  • No meaningless music (have been mainly been listening to instrumentals and bands/ artists pre 90’s, obviously where I can help it)
  • No emails, texts or whatsapps before 8am or after 8pm unless an emergency

Why am I doing this? We have become self-obsessed, constantly reacting to our devices and other peoples actions are playing on our sub conscious. The truth is I just wanted a break from it all, it’s giving me a headache. I’m wasting precious years of my life on social media, youtube and replying to whatsapps and this is becoming people’s reality. Don’t get sucked in, you will become accustomed to a will power killer and lack of real interaction and communication.

Have you ever checked your phone automatically, and when you pick it up, you are hoping to receive an email, message or like on social media? That rush of happiness or contentment is thanks to dopamine, a neurochemical known as the “reward molecule” that’s released after certain human actions or behaviors, such as exercising, or setting and achieving a goal. While physical activity is most commonly linked to dopamine’s release, one form of modern-day, sedentary behavior now gets some credit, too. You don’t even have to go through the physical exertion of opening your inbox or receiving a like on Facebook to feel the rush.

One week in and I’m feeling great, it was difficult at first, the hardest thing being deleting all the social apps off my phone. I didn’t realize how many times I look at my phone throughout the day and click on a social app. This month is about focusing on what I’m doing and what I’m passionate about; my health, my family/ friends and learning. I am using the additional time and headspace I have created to pay attention to my mental and physical health, increased productivity at work, learning/ reading and education, chores around the house, real social interaction, and helping others. I’ll be writing a weekly blog so stay tuned for the next one.

Written by Charlie Watts.