The Battle of Camden

As the adrenaline begins to settle and the fighters return to normal life, it’s time to reflect on what was a remarkable, entertaining and at times dramatic, evening of fundraising for the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment (PWRR). On Thursday, 19th of May ,Cecil Sharp House played host to an evening of white collar boxing, organised by Work it, in partnership with The Office Group.

Battle of Camden CG

Eleven weeks before, 18 fighters embarked on a journey, which would require whole-hearted commitment, dogged discipline and personal sacrifice all in the name of charity. The charity was the Friends of PWRR, an organisation established to help relieve distress and hardship for PWRR members and their dependents, past and present. For the fighters, the weeks of training climaxed in the Battle of Camden, a white collar boxing event, which raised over £6000 in ticket sales alone.

battle of camden adam

Anyone who has ever gone toe-to-toe in a boxing ring knows that it requires a special kind of stamina and mental preparation to get punched in the face.  As well as the routine physical training, the fighters will have experienced a mental work out of highs, lows and some self doubt along the way. Each and every fighter exhibited not only the core skills of a boxer drilled into them by former fighters, their coaches, Charlie Watts and Adam Willoughby but a fighting spirit that most of us can only dream of.

Battle of Camden

The Battle of Camden was a raucous affair ending in dramatic fashion. The high drama started the week before the event with a last minute switch of venue as demand for tickets outstripped supply.  With over 300 tickets sold, the crowd was a little shy to start but that didn’t last long – as the fighters got punchy with their fists the crowd got shouty with their voices.

Battle of Camden Amnita

Cheered on by the crowd, punches landed, heads moved and feet danced in the angled formation they had practiced. The two female bouts did not disappoint with Amnita displaying the sharpest one-twos of the evening – on the night the girls proved ‘they can’! Chaka can too, victorious in the penultimate fight of the night and he independently raised £11,000 to keep a Congolese orphanage open.

Battle of Camden

The final fight between John and Adam had its own dramatic twist as the referee called a halt to their fight before the start of the third round as the passionate fighters forgot their discipline for a second. However, with raucous pleas from the crowd and a promise of good behavior from the blue and the yellow corners, the fight was allowed to go into the third and final round delivering a rousing and fitting end to an 11 week training camp where 18 fighters put their lives on hold and their reputations on the line for charity.

battle of camden JA

Charlie Watts, Founder of Work it said, “I was brimming with pride for every fighter that stepped into the ring. It takes a lot of courage, hard work and discipline and is the ultimate competition. Everyone should be extremely proud of their performance and we are looking forward to the next event”.


Leia F vs. Helen F (W)

James vs. Giles (W)

Aminta F (W) vs. Janis F

Bryan (W) vs. Bradley

Matt A (W) vs. Matt C

Alex (W) vs. Jay

Oli vs. David (W)

Chaka (W) vs. Ricky

John (W) vs. Adam

Battle of Camden 3

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Written by Sue Finnegan.