Workout of the month

Each month, we will be sending you a short workout to make sure you are keeping on top of training when you’re not ‘Working it’.

This month we are focussing on BOXING WORK. Get to a class and learn how to throw a punch, work on your footwork and seriously improve your fitness. It is a great whole body, fat blasting, stamina building workout, that will ensure you work up a sweat and have fun whilst doing so.

Lets get to it then…

Round 1 : 3 min Skipping – Alternating between normal and high knees every 20 seconds.

Round 2 : 20 star jumps, 10 press ups, 10 sit ups x 3

Round 3 : 3 mins of bag work  (combination practice) –  Jab, Jab cross, Jab cross hook.

Round 4 : Same as round 2.

Have fun, train hard and give it your all!

Enjoy warriors 🙂