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HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is typically a 10-30 second maximal effort burst with 1-3 minutes of lower intensity exercise or rest. Generally speaking a session is short and sweet, lasting no longer than 10-20 minutes.

Example HIIT session:

2 minute warm up (30 seconds each x 2)

Star jumps


1-minute rest

4 minutes (part 1- STRENGTH) 20 seconds on 10 seconds off x 8



1-minute rest

4 minutes (part 2- CARDIO) 20 seconds on 10 seconds off x 8


High knees

1-minute rest

2 minutes (part 2- CORE) 20 seconds on 10 seconds off x 4

Sit ups

Mason twists

Some of the benefits of HIIT are that it’s challenging, it’s time efficient, extremely fun and has the ability to burn lots of calories in a short period of time. Due to the intensity, there is an increased risk of injury, so make sure you are properly warmed up and that you don’t choose exercises that you cant perform correctly.

There is no equipment needed for the above workout so there should be no excuses! If you have any questions about this blog, or anything else fitness related, get in touch.

Happy training guys!

Written by Charlie Watts

Unite for Africa: Blog #1 Chaka’s motivation

Chaka’s motivation

In life there are givers and takers and Chaka Clarke has both feet planted firmly in the giving camp.

While the rest of us absorb the daily news and ponder the plight of our great planet, Chaka absorbs and acts. It is this action that is driving the next night of Work-it’s white-collar boxing co-hosted by Chaka’s team Spartanfam. The night is titled Unite for Africa and will raise money for a struggling medical centre in Kinshasa and renovate the crumbling infrastructure of the Masika Centre, an orphanage set up by and for victims of rape, abuse and displacement.

Chaka will be competing in the Unite for Africa event on November 30th as he did earlier in the year. For many taking part, the motivation to enter into these contests includes improving fitness, losing weight or having ‘a once in a lifetime’ experience. All are admirable motivations and all require discipline to reach those goals over the ten weeks of required training. Chaka’s motivation however, is the Masika Centre in the Congo. He first heard of Rebecca Masika Katsuva a few years back when one of his friends showed him a video of the story of her traumatic rape at the hands of rebel soldiers and her truly inspiring response. He realised that as the soldiers used rape as a weapon of war to destroy the lives of many, Masika’s retaliation was love and humanity to help rebuild those shattered lives. He too would pick that same ammunition and do his bit to fight the injustice.

Battle of Camden

Like many who hear the story, Chaka was moved by it – but in true Chaka style he was moved to act. Having visited the orphanage on several occasions, Chaka has used his massive social media following and these boxing events to put the focus back on Masika’s Orphanage and to raise money for it to make it stronger each day that it’s open.  At Work-it’s first fight night in May this year, Chaka raised a mighty £10,000; his goal this time around is £30,000. In just five days of fund raising in the last week, Chaka with the help of Work-it has raised a staggering £17,000 – a massive thanks to everyone that’s dipped into his or her pockets so far.

Chaka doesn’t just focus on Africa, he puts his many talents to use in West London too. As a busy personal trainer he still finds time through his company Spartanfam to offer free community based fitness. From personal experience he knows the perils of the streets and so seeks to give kids and youths a reason to get active, to find a sense of purpose and pride in oneself and above all else find some enjoyment.

Unite for Africa is just under eight weeks away, it will be a busy time for Chaka and all of the other athletes involved. Over the coming weeks we aim to tell the stories of some of the fighters who have decided to glove up for charity. All will be taking part in two tough group training sessions a week as well as working on their own fitness or boxing development alongside holding down jobs and not forgetting family and social commitments. It is a massive undertaking for anyone taking part.

If you’re not one of the fighters but want to help, all you need to do is dip in your pocket as even £1 will make a difference, or instead of a visit to Starbucks sacrifice a morning coffee and donate the money – really every little act helps make it one big action. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you want to donate – click on it’s worth a visit, the picture alone will melt your heart!

For tickets click here:

I heart Africa foundation:

Written by Sue Finnegan.



What is Desk Yoga?

Work can be stressful. Heavy workload, deadlines, your boss, clients, not to mention sitting for prolonged periods of the day. This all has a negative effect on your health and well being.

Studies show people with sedentary lifestyles sit for an average of 13 hours a day. Which leads to poor posture, joint issues and an array of other health problems.  No wonder we feel stiff and stressed out.

Desk Yoga is designed for you to take a few minutes out of your working day to stretch, clear your mind and come back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and more productive.

We start each sequence with a simple meditation. Closing your eyes and focusing on your breath has huge mental benefits by improving circulation of blood and carrying nutrients to the brain.  We move through gentle postures to open the hips, hamstrings and upper back which are constantly shortening while sitting.

Whether you’re a seasoned Yogi or can’t even touch your toes, desk yoga is for you. Dedicating time for yourself throughout the day will give you more clarity and creativity, with ability to solve problems quicker and reduce stress levels.

Want a complimentary session? Get in touch…

Written by the creator of Desk Yoga, Adam Willoughby.

New Trainers – Meet Rami

The Work It team is always growing and we want to introduce you to our newest member Rami!

What do you specialise in?
Boxing / Muay Thai.
What motivates you?
The hunger to keep pushing my body to higher limits.

Rami 3


What’s your favourite healthy meal?
Baked kale with grilled chicken.
Who are your Sporting heroes / inspirations?
Fedor Emelianenko and Mike Tyson.
How you intend on helping Work it Members reach their goals? 
I intend to help the Work It members achieve their fitness goals mentally first and physically second.


Rami 2


What is training with Rami like?
Train harder than expected, no time for excuses because it all pays off in the end.
“Train hard, fight easy”

Healthy Hangouts – Wholefoods Market

Whole Foods Market in Piccadilly is an organic eco-minded haven that has the perfect on-the-go lunch options for keeping your diet in check.

Wholefoods Piccadilly 2

We usually go there for a quick lunch or to top up on our nut butters! The store is bursting with fresh fruit, groceries and delicious bites for lunch. We went with a salmon, quinoa & broccoli meal with a side of watermelon. Quinoa is a great source of protein as it has all the essential amino acids. Watermelon is a beautiful super fruit that is rich in lycopene and therefore great for your cardiovascular system. This dish is great for getting your omega up & giving you a good kick of goodness.

Wholefoods Piccadilly 3

We love it here because it makes eating a balanced diet accessible and delicious. Eating clean doesn’t mean restricting yourself from flavour and fun. It just means moderation, consideration and loving your body the way it should be loved!

Wholefoods Piccadilly

Try it out for yourself!

Written by Danielle Bowman.

Holiday Fit

Holiday season is upon us and after the hard work, long days and sleepless nights, it is imperative you use your break to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate, as well as spending some much needed quality time with your loved ones. These are our top tips on how to stay holiday fit!

A heavy workload can have a negative effect on your health. Resulting in increased stress, paying less attention to what you’re eating and drinking and fewer hours in the sack. Whilst you’re away, the first thing I would address is the quality of your sleep. Not getting enough z’s often seems harmless and efficient. Curbing sleep is not the solution. Consistent under sleeping will cause all sorts of hormonal imbalances, resulting in poor energy levels in the morning and throughout the day, mood swings and depressive bouts, low immune system, fatigue and problems maintaining and losing weight. Implement a new sleeping routine when you’re back at work for a better quality of life!

Surfs up

Being on holiday may seem like a good excuse to eat and drink what you like, whenever you like, but don’t fall accustom to this. I’m not telling you to be extremely strict, keep a food diary and not have any cheats at all, but optimising health and feeling great should be paramount. Consume nutrients in abundance, fill your plate with leafy green vegetables and fulfil your daily vitamin and mineral quota. As a general rule, your plate should have a fist size of protein and plenty of vegetables. Due to inactivity, your carbohydrate requirements won’t be as high and if you’re feeling short of energy, try having some good fats for breakie. As tempting as the gelato or vino may look, if consumed daily and with every meal, it will only make you feel sluggish, bloated and will mean you will have to work harder in the gym when you’re back. Instead, opt for desert or alcohol once a day or once every other day, to stay lean, clear headed, and feeling awesome.


You will not ‘lose gains’, lose strength or fitness and turn into a fat pile of lard if you don’t train whilst you’re away. But if I were you, I’d spend at least 30-60 minutes training once a day or every other day. If you’re staying on a resort, check their wellness schedule, which will make exercising and being active a whole lot easier. If there is no gym whatsoever, try my full body HIIT session. Exercising is a critical component to feeling healthy and energised, maintaining weight and keeping disease at bay. If you don’t currently follow an exercise routine, this is a great time to start!

Have a great time away guys, wherever you go, try and implement the tips above and have a safe journey!

Waste no time when you’re back, get straight back to the gym and pick up where you left off. See you at a HIIT class soon.

Written by Charlie Watts.


Work It London in support of Parkinson’s UK and Breast Cancer Care are holding a charity work out and cake sale with the @tandemteatour girls!

The great British tandem tea tour 2
In August, Amanda and Jessica are hopping on a tandem and cycling over 1000 miles, from John O’Groats to Land’s End, all in the name of charity. And tea. As every day they will be stopping en route to sample some of the best tea and cake Great Britain has to offer!

Please join us at Henrywood House on Tuesday 5th July at 1:15 for a work out and a cake sale! 

Work it London HIIT

All donations will be going to Parkinson’s UK and Breast Cancer Care.

The Great British Tandem Tea Tour cake sale

Fight clean, Train mean!

Boxing is an amazing fully body workout that challenges the body and mind in equal measure. The late boxing champion Muhammad Ali represents this sport in all its glory and his resilience, energy and legacy is something to be admired.

BOXING WORK is our most popular class at Work It.  Classes are buzzing and we enjoy teaching everyone.  Our Charity Boxing Event was a real success and we’re eager to keep the momentum going strong.

in London, Britain December 18, 2015. Photograph by Suzanne Plunkett (

We always want to create the best experience for our members.  Keeping the gloves and pads clean is always an issue for any gym.  Machine washing would destroy equipment and there is no other effective way to keep them clean.  Every pro boxer has their own gloves, like a runner has their own trainers or a tennis player with their racket.  We recommend buying a pair if you’re serious or are a regular BOXING WORK champ!

Work It London Boxing

We will be supplying new pads and gloves to keep them clean and smelling fresh for everyone.  From July, it will be mandatory to wear hand wraps.  Every boxer should wear hand wraps, to protect the wrist and knuckles. Hand wraps are also important for hygiene reasons.

Our wraps will be a simple inner glove you can slip on and off with ease.  They will be on sale for £5.

We’re looking forward to turning you guys into pro fighters.

Fight clean, Train mean!

25 minute workout

As we are mid way through June, the sun is coming out to play (sort of) and it is certainly getting hotter! Don’t let a heavy work load stop you from training, eating well and feeling awesome. Below is a 25 minute workout, that can be done on your lunch break in a local park. This will enable you to get some fresh air, do some training and soak up some Vitamin D, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated for the afternoon stint at the office.


– Run to your local park or open green space to warm up
– Find a pull up bar or tree
– Start your session!

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes complete the following (the remainder of the minute you can rest):
5 pull ups
10 press ups


And then:

Find a hill and sprint up and down it as many times as you can in 10 minutes.

Once you’ve completed the above, you would of done 75 pull ups and 150 push ups all in 15 minutes. Followed by some sprints that will open your lungs and get the endorphins flowing. The rest of your afternoon will fly by and you will certainly be more productive!!

Be awesome guys.

The Battle of Camden

As the adrenaline begins to settle and the fighters return to normal life, it’s time to reflect on what was a remarkable, entertaining and at times dramatic, evening of fundraising for the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment (PWRR). On Thursday, 19th of May ,Cecil Sharp House played host to an evening of white collar boxing, organised by Work it, in partnership with The Office Group.

Battle of Camden CG

Eleven weeks before, 18 fighters embarked on a journey, which would require whole-hearted commitment, dogged discipline and personal sacrifice all in the name of charity. The charity was the Friends of PWRR, an organisation established to help relieve distress and hardship for PWRR members and their dependents, past and present. For the fighters, the weeks of training climaxed in the Battle of Camden, a white collar boxing event, which raised over £6000 in ticket sales alone.

battle of camden adam

Anyone who has ever gone toe-to-toe in a boxing ring knows that it requires a special kind of stamina and mental preparation to get punched in the face.  As well as the routine physical training, the fighters will have experienced a mental work out of highs, lows and some self doubt along the way. Each and every fighter exhibited not only the core skills of a boxer drilled into them by former fighters, their coaches, Charlie Watts and Adam Willoughby but a fighting spirit that most of us can only dream of.

Battle of Camden

The Battle of Camden was a raucous affair ending in dramatic fashion. The high drama started the week before the event with a last minute switch of venue as demand for tickets outstripped supply.  With over 300 tickets sold, the crowd was a little shy to start but that didn’t last long – as the fighters got punchy with their fists the crowd got shouty with their voices.

Battle of Camden Amnita

Cheered on by the crowd, punches landed, heads moved and feet danced in the angled formation they had practiced. The two female bouts did not disappoint with Amnita displaying the sharpest one-twos of the evening – on the night the girls proved ‘they can’! Chaka can too, victorious in the penultimate fight of the night and he independently raised £11,000 to keep a Congolese orphanage open.

Battle of Camden

The final fight between John and Adam had its own dramatic twist as the referee called a halt to their fight before the start of the third round as the passionate fighters forgot their discipline for a second. However, with raucous pleas from the crowd and a promise of good behavior from the blue and the yellow corners, the fight was allowed to go into the third and final round delivering a rousing and fitting end to an 11 week training camp where 18 fighters put their lives on hold and their reputations on the line for charity.

battle of camden JA

Charlie Watts, Founder of Work it said, “I was brimming with pride for every fighter that stepped into the ring. It takes a lot of courage, hard work and discipline and is the ultimate competition. Everyone should be extremely proud of their performance and we are looking forward to the next event”.


Leia F vs. Helen F (W)

James vs. Giles (W)

Aminta F (W) vs. Janis F

Bryan (W) vs. Bradley

Matt A (W) vs. Matt C

Alex (W) vs. Jay

Oli vs. David (W)

Chaka (W) vs. Ricky

John (W) vs. Adam

Battle of Camden 3

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Written by Sue Finnegan.