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Unite for Africa: Blog #3 Zumar Dean starts to see results

Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes and for 30-year old recruitment consultant, Zumar Dean, dropping a few pounds and getting into better shape physically are his goals for stepping into the ring on November 30, for the Unite for Africa, white collar charity boxing event.

Zumar runs his own recruitment agency, Just Digital focuses on finding the best digital sales and marketing experts for a whole host of businesses big and small. His company works from the gloriously designed TOG (The Office Group) buildings, which suits his contemporary working practices perfectly. “We don’t have any formal working hours, we’re completely flexible – you have to be when you’re on the look out for the best in the business,” comments Zumar.

Being his own boss has meant that Zumar has been able to fit the 10 weeks of training into his busy schedule without too much conflict. However, Zumar has struggled to commit to a regular form of exercise since his school days when he was a regular on the football pitch – it was the commitment that was going to be his real challenge.

Working in the TOG offices meant there was easy access to the Work-it gyms so there was no excuse. Before signing up to the November 30 event, Zumar had already sampled some of the sessions at the gym and so was confident he’d love the more intensive three-month training schedule, he also enlisted the help of a friend so they could spur each other on. With less than a month to go, he says that the results are starting to show. “My focus was to lose weight and people are telling me that they can already see the difference. But it’s not just the weight, I feel fitter, I feel great. I’ve gone from getting totally out of breath to enjoying five good work-out sessions a week – I can feel a massive difference in myself,” says Zumar.


Weekends are boxing free zones, aside from a swim on a Sunday the weekends are devoted to time with his girlfriend who already has a ticket and plans to be his biggest supporter on the night.   She knows more than anyone the effort and sacrifices her man has made to master the skills required to enter the boxing ring.

If you want to join Zumar’s friends and family in supporting Unite for Africa and also see the results of a grueling 10 weeks of training you can buy tickets here. All monies raised are for a struggling medical centre in Kinshasa and the renovation of the crumbling infrastructure at the Masika Centre, an orphanage set up for victims of rape, abuse and displacement in the Democratic republic of the Congo. So far we have raised over £30,000 and will continue to do so up to fight night. Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/uniteforafrica

Written by Sue Finnegan

Fight clean, Train mean!

Boxing is an amazing fully body workout that challenges the body and mind in equal measure. The late boxing champion Muhammad Ali represents this sport in all its glory and his resilience, energy and legacy is something to be admired.

BOXING WORK is our most popular class at Work It.  Classes are buzzing and we enjoy teaching everyone.  Our Charity Boxing Event was a real success and we’re eager to keep the momentum going strong.

in London, Britain December 18, 2015. Photograph by Suzanne Plunkett (www.suzanneplunkett.com)

We always want to create the best experience for our members.  Keeping the gloves and pads clean is always an issue for any gym.  Machine washing would destroy equipment and there is no other effective way to keep them clean.  Every pro boxer has their own gloves, like a runner has their own trainers or a tennis player with their racket.  We recommend buying a pair if you’re serious or are a regular BOXING WORK champ!

Work It London Boxing

We will be supplying new pads and gloves to keep them clean and smelling fresh for everyone.  From July, it will be mandatory to wear hand wraps.  Every boxer should wear hand wraps, to protect the wrist and knuckles. Hand wraps are also important for hygiene reasons.

Our wraps will be a simple inner glove you can slip on and off with ease.  They will be on sale for £5.

We’re looking forward to turning you guys into pro fighters.

Fight clean, Train mean!

How to Wrap


You may have seen people wrapping a strange bandage around their wrist and knuckles before a boxing class and wonder, what are they doing?  Are they a pro fighter? Wrapping hands in Boxing is a must.  Pro fighters essentially make a living from their hands so they have to be protected. Whether you are a pro fighter, or seasoned class goer, wrapping hands is equally as important.

The hand is made of many tiny bones and joints.  Punching with loose hands or with improper accuracy can easily cause injuries.  A hand wrap provides support for fingers, thumb, knuckles and wrists, while securing everything together so the shock of hitting is evenly distributed. It is also more hygienic if you don’t have your own gloves!

There are many ways to wrap hands, it is merely down to preference but here is a guide to help!

Step 1 : Put the loop on the thumb and wrap a few times around the wrist

Step 2 : Individually wrap the thumb

Step 3 : Individually wrap the knuckles

Step 4 : Go over the individual knuckle wraps, and make sure they are secured in place

Step 5 : Use the rest of the wrap on whatever needs it most, the knuckles, wrist or thumb

Step 6 : Secure with velcro and you are good to go!

Hand wrapping tips:

  • Circulation : If you cant feel your hand after 5-10 mins or if your fingers go red or numb you know you’ve gone too tight.
  • Flexibility : You need to be able to open your hand and also make a fist.
  • Knuckles or wrist?  Some people like to wrap more around the knuckles, some more around the wrist.  Do what feels good for you.
  • Rituals : Use it as a class ritual.  It’s a great way to get your mind on the class and Boxing.

Now your hands are wrapped and you’re feeling more like a pro…Join a class and dont forget to try our workout of the month