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Nutrition made simple

Nutrition can seem complicated, with many different ‘diets’ and conflicting views, it is easy to see why we can get lost and confused with the overwhelming amount of information. Work It see nutrition as a lifestyle, something that is sustainable and easy to implement. Below are a few simple strategies that we believe is the foundation of good nutrition and will positively affect your health and lifestyle.

Water – 70 to 80% of our body is made up of water so we need to stay hydrated. A 5% drop in our body’s fluid levels can instantly lead to a 25-35% drop in energy. Water transfers oxygen through our bloodstream and delivers nutrients though our central nervous system to the brain and every organ in our body. Being hydrated clears these pathways and helps us function optimally. Water can also aid in appetite regulation as thirst can be mistaken as hunger. Drinking 2-3 glasses of water upon rising is a great way to clear your digestive tract and kick start your metabolism.

Food Quality – Not all calories are equal… 100 calories of broccoli will be used and stored differently to 100 calories of cookies. Eliminate processed foods and focus on high quality earth grown nutrients. The use of pesticides, herbicides and other farming chemicals have been linked to cancer and can potentially harm our nervous system, reproductive and digestive system. Organic, free range, grass fed meats and poultry are produced at higher standards and are not exposed to hormones and antibiotics which negatively effect our gut micro biome. Farmers Markets and local farms are great places to source high quality nutrient dense foods at a reasonable cost.

Food Plate – Once hydration and food quality is on point, our food plates can be used as a guide on how much food to eat and what each meal should consist of. If you’re looking to shed some excess body fat, particularly leading up to summer, try eating starchy carbohydrates only after intense exercise. Stick to healthy fats, vegetables and proteins at anytime meals and on days that you’re not working out.

** DOWNLOAD THE WORK IT FOOD PLATE HERE ** work_it_foodplates

Hopefully you have found this useful and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Written by Adam Willoughby.

The Battle of Balham

  • Do you want to embark on one of the biggest challenges of your life so far?
  • Do you want to get into the best physical and mental strength you have ever been in?
  • Do you want to push yourself to your limits, learn new skills and be inspired to improve your health and fitness?

…Then you should enrol on our 11 week Charity Boxing challenge.

We have teamed up with the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment; a charity set up to help injured and wounded soldiers to bring you an evening of Charity boxing. We need 14 participants to enrol by February 22nd ready to commence an 11-week training program in March.

What we need from you?

  • To be committed and sign up today
  • Train a minimum of twice a week under our supervision (this will include 2 group sessions, a technical and a sparring session)
  • Buy your own 16oz gloves and headgear for training and the event
  • Raise awareness and money for the charity by selling 20 tickets to your friends and family

Any other info…

  • Anyone is welcome to enrol, both men and women
  • No previous experience needed
  • Venue TBC (definitely in London + easily accessible)
  • All training will take place at our Oxford Circus studio (Day TBC but will be on a week night at 19:00)
  • 1-2-1 training available
  • You will be matched with someone the same weight and skill set as you
  • There will be a referee and medical staff on hand on the night
  • This will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life

Sign up today to be a Work it Warrior.