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Unite for Africa: Blog #1 Chaka’s motivation

Chaka’s motivation

In life there are givers and takers and Chaka Clarke has both feet planted firmly in the giving camp.

While the rest of us absorb the daily news and ponder the plight of our great planet, Chaka absorbs and acts. It is this action that is driving the next night of Work-it’s white-collar boxing co-hosted by Chaka’s team Spartanfam. The night is titled Unite for Africa and will raise money for a struggling medical centre in Kinshasa and renovate the crumbling infrastructure of the Masika Centre, an orphanage set up by and for victims of rape, abuse and displacement.

Chaka will be competing in the Unite for Africa event on November 30th as he did earlier in the year. For many taking part, the motivation to enter into these contests includes improving fitness, losing weight or having ‘a once in a lifetime’ experience. All are admirable motivations and all require discipline to reach those goals over the ten weeks of required training. Chaka’s motivation however, is the Masika Centre in the Congo. He first heard of Rebecca Masika Katsuva a few years back when one of his friends showed him a video of the story of her traumatic rape at the hands of rebel soldiers and her truly inspiring response. He realised that as the soldiers used rape as a weapon of war to destroy the lives of many, Masika’s retaliation was love and humanity to help rebuild those shattered lives. He too would pick that same ammunition and do his bit to fight the injustice.

Battle of Camden

Like many who hear the story, Chaka was moved by it – but in true Chaka style he was moved to act. Having visited the orphanage on several occasions, Chaka has used his massive social media following and these boxing events to put the focus back on Masika’s Orphanage and to raise money for it to make it stronger each day that it’s open.  At Work-it’s first fight night in May this year, Chaka raised a mighty £10,000; his goal this time around is £30,000. In just five days of fund raising in the last week, Chaka with the help of Work-it has raised a staggering £17,000 – a massive thanks to everyone that’s dipped into his or her pockets so far.

Chaka doesn’t just focus on Africa, he puts his many talents to use in West London too. As a busy personal trainer he still finds time through his company Spartanfam to offer free community based fitness. From personal experience he knows the perils of the streets and so seeks to give kids and youths a reason to get active, to find a sense of purpose and pride in oneself and above all else find some enjoyment.

Unite for Africa is just under eight weeks away, it will be a busy time for Chaka and all of the other athletes involved. Over the coming weeks we aim to tell the stories of some of the fighters who have decided to glove up for charity. All will be taking part in two tough group training sessions a week as well as working on their own fitness or boxing development alongside holding down jobs and not forgetting family and social commitments. It is a massive undertaking for anyone taking part.

If you’re not one of the fighters but want to help, all you need to do is dip in your pocket as even £1 will make a difference, or instead of a visit to Starbucks sacrifice a morning coffee and donate the money – really every little act helps make it one big action. Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you want to donate – click on https://www.gofundme.com/uniteforafrica it’s worth a visit, the picture alone will melt your heart!

For tickets click here: https://billetto.co.uk/fight-night-unite-for-africa

I heart Africa foundation: http://iheartafrica.org/

Written by Sue Finnegan.



Healthy Hangouts – Redemption Bar

redemption 5


Summer is fast-approaching and everyone is putting the gym hours in but no matter how hard you train you cannot out train a bad diet or habits. This month we checked out Redemption Bar Shoreditch a cozy Alcohol-free bar serving vegan, sugar / gluten – free food that lets you ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’.

Redemption 4

This whole concept of guilt-free dining is on the rise in London so all of us health-conscious foodies can actually claim back our social lives. We aren’t trying to convert anybody to veganism but the facts don’t lie – a diet containing less meat is not only good for your health, but could help save the planet!

Redemption 1 copy

So, we ate ourselves closer to this ecological dream by tucking into their ‘Californication’ dish, a really hearty bowl of sweet potato and rosemary hash, mushrooms and handfuls of spinach. To get the full redemptive experience we tried out their ‘Flu Fighter’ cocktail – a fiery mix of ginger, chilli, aloe vera, coconut water, orange, lemon, apple & elderflower. It’s great to be able to buy food that isn’t going to give us a stomach full of regret but rather fill us up with nutritional goodness. The entire lunch came to around £15 and it was money well spent considering the health benefits.

Healthy Hangouts – Ethos

The Ethos vision is one that resonates with our own, we too are passionate about bringing creative solutions to the health and fitness industry. Everyday you make conscious decisions that have a negative or positive impact on your wellbeing so you should make health a habit…

Ethos 9

Tucked away behind Oxford Street, is this wonderful contemporary earthy restaurant serving up a buffet-style variety of meat-free deliciousness.


If you are a fan of big healthy servings of guacamole, rich veggie bakes and fresh crispy greenness – this is the spot for you.Everything is priced on weight, a small dish costing around £9 and a large just under £20.

Ethos 8

We came here to get an all-natural plant based post-workout munch after an intense HIIT session. We had the guacamole and beetroot dip, chickpea curry, roasted chili aubergine, cauliflower walnut cranberry salad with a side of crispy kale and orange zest (heaven).

Ethos 4

It tasted amazing and left us feeling energized for the rest of the day. The interior is stunning and cosy – this will definitely be one of our regular hangouts.