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As summer approaches (we know it’s the middle of winter!!)  the trainers here at Work it generally tend to up training, tighten up on what they eat and prepare for their summer holiday. We’ve also noticed our clients like to do the same; classes get busier as do personal training sessions and questions about nutrition!

We have been trying to think of ways we can create a package with the common goal of getting in better shape and in a set amount of time. Which is why we have come up with the TRANSFORMATION WORK program. This will be an 8-week program headed up by the experienced Russell Lee and will be kicking off in April (enrolment starts in March). There are only 8 spaces available so sign up here to secure your space.

**Start date is April 18th**

What’s involved?

Goal setting session– before we embark on the 8 weeks, we will make sure we plan and prepare adequately. We will set some specific, measurable, attainable and realistic goals.

Measuring success– there will be a weekly weigh in, body fat percentage reading and photograph. As many ways we can keep to you up to date with your awesome progress the better!

Training– we are trying to make this as flexible as possible and have a few options here. Each individual will be given a tailored training program which will involve 3 to 4 sessions a week. We will be running a TRANSFORMATION WORK group session on a Monday and Wednesday at 7.30pm. You will also have unlimited access to the Work it class timetable.

Nutrition– you will receive a bespoke food/ nutrition plan that will be reviewed weekly. Russ will be there to make sure you stay on track, answer any questions and ensure you’re getting what your body needs! *We will able to cater for vegetarian and vegan clients.

Support– we will be having weekly meet ups that will give you an opportunity to ask any questions and keep you on track to your goal. You’ll be added to our Facebook and Whatsapp to provide motivation, inspiration and support around the clock. You will also have to contact with us via phone or email.


Cost- £750 or 2 payments of £400.

Sign up today to secure your space.